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Introduction To Bash Scripting

Are you ready to start your adventure and start writing awesome Bash scripts?

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Introduction to Bash Scripting

This is an open-source introduction to Bash scripting ebook that will help you learn the basics of Bash scripting and start writing awesome Bash scripts that will help you automate your daily SysOps, DevOps, and Dev tasks.

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The first 13 chapters would be purely focused on getting some solid Bash scripting foundations then the rest of the chapters would give you some real life examples and scripts

About the book

Introduction to Bash scripting

Bash Structure

Bash Hello World

Bash Variables

Bash User Input

Bash Comments

Bash Arguments

Bash Arrays

Bash Conditional Expressions

Bash Conditionals

Bash Loops

Bash Functions

Debugging, testing and shortcuts

Creating custom bash commands

Write your first Bash script

Creating an interactive menu in Bash

Executing BASH scripts on Multiple Remote Servers

Work with JSON in BASH using jq

Working with Cloudflare API with Bash

BASH Script parser to Summarize Your NGINX and Apache Access Logs

Sending emails with Bash and SSMTP

Wrap Up

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